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London LOOP Trailblazer Guidebook

London LOOP Trailblazer Guidebook

author: Henry Stedman
The London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP) is a 151-mile circuit around the perimeter of Greater London. The official start is Erith, the end at Purfleet and the trail stays within the M25, sticking mainly to the metropolitan green belt. With comprehensive bus, train and tube information for each of the 24 stages of the walk this guide is ideal for day walks.

One of the big surprises is how much easily accessible green space there is around London. For much of the time you will be walking through fields, farms and parkland. Indeed, it's only when you look at a satellite image of the walk that you realise, you're actually always pretty close to civilisation. Yet often it simply doesn't feel like it.

The book includes 48 detailed walking maps at the large scale of just under 1:20,000 which is bigger than even the most detailed walking maps currently available. The maps include unique features - walking times, directions, tricky junctions, places to stay, places to eat, and points of interest. These are not general-purpose maps, but fully edited maps drawn by walkers for walkers.

Itineraries for all walkers are included, whether hiking the entire route or sampling highlights on day walks or short breaks. There is detailed public transport information for buses, trains, and taxis for all access points. Downloadable GPS waypoints are included.

ISBN 9781912716210 Pages 219 (2021) 120mm x 180mm

Price: 12.50