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Lincolnshire - A Dog Walker's Guide

Lincolnshire - A Dog Walker's Guide

by: Catherine Smith
A daily walk with your dog is good for you both and you couldn't hope for a more enthusiastic companion. But once you leave your familiar routes there is always the worry of where you might suddenly find a field full of sheep, or a busy road, not to mention the difficulty of knowing which pubs and cafes will welcome you both.

Here is a collection of 20 tried and tested circular walks with plenty of opportunities for your dog to roam off lead. The circular routes vary in length from 2.5 to 6 miles and introduce dogs and their owners to Lincolnshire's glorious countryside; lush vales, a wetland habitat in the Fens, coastal walks by the Wash, woodland in the Wolds and wonderful moorland in the north of the county.

All the walks include details of dog factors such as livestock and stiles, recommended dog friendly pubs and cafes and contact details for the nearest vets. Other practical information includes distance, terrain, where to park, how to get there and nearest refreshments. The route finding instructions are in clear numbered paragraphs supported by a coloured sketch map with corresponding location numbers.

The walk locations are:
Winteringham to Whitton - 5.75 miles
Rowland Plantation - 4.25 miles
Twigmoor Woods - 2.75 miles
Nettleton Valley - 4.5 miles
Saltfleetby, Theddlethorpe Nature Reserve - 5 miles
Burwell and Muckton Woods - 6 miles
Saltfleetby, Theddlethorpe Dunes - 3 miles
Chambers Farm Wood - 3.25 miles
Skellingthorpe Old Wood - 4.25 miles
Southrey Wood and Tupholme Abbey - 5.25 miles
Nocton Wood and the Wolds - 3 miles
Ostler's Plantation and the Dambusters - 2.5 miles
Ancient Woodland at Stapleford Wood - 5 miles
Frieston Shore - 4.5 miles
Vale of Belvoir - 5.25 miles
Hills and Hollows by Grantham - 2.5 miles
Ingoldsby, Boothby and Kirton Woods - 5.5 miles
River walk by Surfleet Seas End - 4.75 miles
Ponds and Adventure at Bourne Wood - 3 miles
Riverside Walk by the Welland - 3.25 miles

ISBN 9781846743245 Pages 96 (2015 reprinted 2018) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.95