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Land's End to John O'Groats Walking Route

Land's End to John O'Groats Walking Route

by: Mike Salter
A walk from Land's End to John O'Groats is a fantastic adventure, and a chance to see the variety of landscape that mainland Britain has to offer. It's also a chance to discover something about yourself in the process as you learn to cope with not only the physical effort involved and being outside all day in all weathers, but the logistical problems of where to camp or stay and where to get food and drink.

Trying to make the best possible use of the network of paths and tracks rather than walking along busy roads adds greatly to the sense of adventure, and increases the overall mileage to about a thousand miles or more. This book discusses several possible off-road walking routes through England and the Southern Uplands and then describes and illustrates a single route up to the Forth Road Bridge. There is then a choice between a shorter, faster, but noisier and less remote eastern route best suited to those using hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation, and a longer, quieter western route, the last section of which is only suitable for those willing to carry tents.

The idea of the book was not only to assist with planning, but also to keep it small and light enough to be carried on the walk. Nevertheless some basic details are given of what can be seen along the route. There's about fifty medieval churches, an old abbey or two, twenty or so castles and fortresses, and a few prehistoric and dark age monuments. More recent structures include a Cornish tin mine, several preserved steam railways, a few follies, the amazing Falkirk Wheel lifting device for canal narrow boats, a variety of spectacular bridges, and a sculpture trail in the Forest of Dean.

ISBN 9781871731712 Pages 76 (2007) 135mm x 220mm

Price: 4.95