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Lancashire Witches Walk

The Lancashire Witches Walk Guide

The Lancashire Witches Walk Guide

by: Ian Thornton-Bryar
The Lancashire Witches Walk was developed to provide an interesting and enjoyable walking route linking locations associated with the legendry Pendle Witches. The book begins with some history of these events at the time of King James 1st providing a context for the walk.

The route, from Barrowford to Lancaster Castle, is a sustainable 51 mile long distance walk that is very varied in the type of countryside along its journey. Lovely wooded valleys contrast with high and really wild moorland fells and a couple of small historic urban areas, often giving magnificent views, are its main features.
The route is meticulously described in 14 sections and what makes the guide a joy to use are the Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer maps with the route very clearly outlined. There are also some full colour photographs and contact information for planning transport and accommodation. For a typical page illustration click the link below th 'Add to Cart' button.

The stages of the walk are as follows
Barrowford to Barley 3.2 miles
Barley to Rigg of England 3.7 miles
Rigg of England to Higham 2 miles
Higham to Law Farm 3.6 miles
Law Farm to Read Old Bridge 2 miles
Read Old Bridge to Clitheroe 4.9 miles
Clitheroe to Hancocks Farm 3 miles
Hancocks Farm to Fell Side 3.7 miles
Fell Side to Slaidburn 2.1 miles
Slaidburn to Lanshaw 2.1 miles
Lanshaw to High Salter 8.6 miles
High Salter to Deep Clough 2.3 miles
Deep Clough to Crook O'Lune 5.7 miles
Crook O'Lune to Lancaster Castle 4.9 miles

ISBN 9780956444141 Pages 33 (2013) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 6.00