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John O'Groats to Lands End

John O'Groats to Lands End

by: Brian Smailes
There are numerous out-door challenges in life around the UK, but one that stands out in the public's awareness is walking the entire length of Great Britain. There are more dangerous challenges, or ones that may require more skill or endurance, but completing this journey on foot is generally regarded as a pretty impressive achievement. It is certainly being undertaken by people in ever increasing numbers, often as a money raising challenge for a charity, but also simply as a personal challenge by keen walkers who have the time available.

This book describes the main 'classic' route that many people have trodden and that the author feels is the most direct route to walk, virtually 900 miles using roads. The planning, training, B&B's and route are all included to help you, with many tips to ensure you complete the walk and get as much pleasure from it as the author did. Following the advice contained in this book should enable anyone who is determined enough to complete this famous walking challenge.

ISBN 9781903568187 Pages 62 (2004) 125mm x 185mm

Price: 6.50