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Isle of Wight Walkers' Map

Isle of Wight Walkers' Map

by: David Brown
This walkers' map shows challenge routes and walking trails highlighted. It is based on OS 50k scale mapping expanded in size to produce a 32k map. The OS features, text and logos are now 50% larger making them much easier to read under outdoor conditions. The Isle of Wight Challenge Route (66 miles) is specially highlighted in green and white so that the route stands out against the OS background map. The Earl Mountbatten Hospice's Walk (26.5 miles) is highlighted in gold and white. A large range of GPS surveyed walking trails are highlighted in grey and white. The result is an easy to read map with walking trails specially highlighted.

The map is printed on both sides with the east of the Island on the cover side and the west on the reverse side with a ten mile common overlap to the two sides. The result is a double sided 840mm by 694mm Super-Durable Map with all the features of an Ordnance Survey map. The map is printed onto a 100-micron plastic substrate using a special UV curing inks process.

The printed map sheet is folded using a special concertina map fold to its pocket size of 230mm by 120mm. The result is the Isle of Wight Walkers' Map. A lightweight map that is both accurate and easy to read and use. Super-Durable means your map is waterproof and tearproof, and fully recyclable. This map will survive anything your Isle of Wight walking adventures can throw at it and afterwards will fold up like new.

ISBN 9781782750598 Folded map (2019) folded size 230mm x 120mm

Price: 8.99