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Isle of Wight - North to South & East to West

Isle of Wight - North to South & East to West

by: Brian Smailes
The Isle of Wight is a paradise for walkers and these two routes across the island North to South and East to West are no exception.
The North to South route is 17.7 miles long and begins in Cowes with a gentle meander alongside the river Medina to Newport. It then passes Carisbrooke Castle, Shide and Blackwater, rising near Niton before the final descent to St Catherine's Lighthouse.

The East to West route is 27.7 miles long and starts at Bembridge, taking you past windmills, waxworks and watermills ascending to a spectacular finish at the Needles. The route passes Brading, Shide, Carisbrooke, Calbourne and Easton.

In addition to the route descriptions the guide provides much practical information, including walking times and distances, campsites, attractions, information centres and pubs; all included to help you plan ahead and enjoy the amenities the island has to offer.

ISBN 9781903568071 Pages 32 (2002) 145mm x 210mm

Price: 3.75