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Ireland's Best Walks - A Walking Guidebook

Ireland's Best Walks - A Walking Guidebook

by: Helen Fairbairn
In a country richly endowed with wild mountain ranges, secluded valleys and untamed coastlines, the best natural landscapes can only be explored on foot. Here are over sixty of the greatest one-day walking routes in Ireland, varying from short strolls to full-day treks. Every part of the Republic and Northern Ireland is featured. From rugged peaks and chiselled ridge lines to towering sea cliffs and sheltered loughs, these routes take you past all the country's finest scenery. Many of the routes are hill-walks, with clear descriptions of the country's classic mountain ascents. Even seasoned hillwalkers will find challenging outings.

There are 65 routes included in the book and each walk is illustrated with sketch maps and colour photos and is prefaced with a quick-reference summary and access notes. Route descriptions include clear navigational guidance to keep you on the right track. There are plenty of colour photographs showing views from the walks.

ISBN 9781848892118 Pages 224 (2014 reprinted 2022) 128mm x 198mm

Price: 15.75