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Ilkley Moor Walking country

Ilkley Moor Walking country

by: Paul Hannon
Who has not heard of Ilkley Moor, that bracing tract of heather upland that stands for all that is best about Yorkshire, county of the broad acres? Far fewer, however, have set foot in this famous countryside where rolling moors fall to the rich valleys and stately parkland that surround the buzzing little town of Ilkley.

The 22 walks described in this guide lead you to the very heart of this famous Yorkshire district. Walk through history at Bolton Abbey and Skipton Castle; on Roman roads, packhorse trails and the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. Discover the 'Lakeland' charms of the Washburn Valley, the delights of the Cow and Calf Rocks and Beamsley Beacon.

Each walk has clear route finding instructions and also includes information about points of interest. Distance, start grid references and access details plus OS map numbers are provided. Basic sketch maps and pen and ink illustrations are included.

The walk locations are:
Otley Chevin - 4.5 miles
Burley Moor - 5.5 miles
The Ebor Way - 5 miles
Baildon Moor - 7 miles
Shipley Glen - 7 or 3.5 miles
Rombalds Moor - 8.5 miles
Doubler Stones - 6 miles
Farnhill Moor - 4 miles
Skipton Moor - 6 miles
Bolton Abbey - 7.5 miles
Rombalds Way - 6 miles
Chelker Reservoir - 5.5 miles
Windgate Nick - 7.5 miles
The Buck Stones - 5.5 miles
Dick Hudson's - 8 or 4 miles
Denton and Middleton - 6 miles
Beamsley Beacon - 7.5 miles
Middleton Moor - 6 miles
Kex Gill Moor - 5.5 miles
Blubberhouses Moor - 6.5 miles
Swinsty and Fewston - 6 miles
Lindley Wood and Farnley - 7.5 miles

ISBN 9781870141222 Pages 96 (2010) 115mm x 175mm

Price: 6.99