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Hills of the Peak District Walking Guidebook

Hills of the Peak District Walking Guidebook

author: Barry K Smith
This book is a guide to the hills of the Peak District. It identifies 75 of the best hills and details 50 interesting walks mostly circular, that go over their summits. There are many walking books describing excellent walks in the area, but none that list the hills and the best routes to climb them. Many of the hills are already popular but many will not be. A visit to all 75 summits will provide a full understanding of the area and many enjoyable days walking.

The book begins with a table listing the 75 hills included, giving height in feet and metres, together with information on how they were selected. They are divided into five geographical areas: Dark Peak, White Peak East, White Peak West, Peak District Dales, and North-West Peak. Each hill is described separately in its own pages of the book and information includes height to climb, walk distance, summit grid reference, an outline sketch map showing ascent routes, OS Explorer sheet number, a walk summary, plus detailed route description and some stunning colour photographs.

ISBN 9780995673557 Pages 142 (2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 12.95