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Hill Walking in Shropshire

Hill Walking in Shropshire

by: John Gillham
A year-round walking destination, Shropshire offers countless delights, from picturesque landscapes that change with the seasons to ancient remnants dotted across the countryside; Neolithic standing stones, Bronze /age stone circles, and hilltop forts dating back to the Iron Age. Highlights include Caer Caradoc, the Wrekin Hillfort, Castle Ring and Bury Ditches.

This guidebook describes 32 walks in the hills of Shropshire. The walks, which are graded easy, moderate or hard, range from 3 miles to 12 miles and can be walked in all seasons. To the south and west of the county is an area of fine but little-known hills designated the 'Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. Most but not all of the walks in this guide are here. The selected routes take in highlights such as The Wrekin, Wenlock Edge, Long Mynd and Stiperstones, Castle Ring and Bury Ditches.

Featuring 1:50,000 OS mapping (shown at 1:40K for greater clarity), step-by-step route descriptions, as well as information on accommodation, getting around, bases for the Shropshire hills and history of the region, the guide details everything you need to walk in Shropshire. The book is also profusely illustrated with colour photographs.

The walk locations are:
Llanfair Hill and Offa's Dyke - 6 miles
Knighton, Cwm-sanaham Hill and Offa's Dyke - 7.5 miles
Mary Knoll and Ludlow - 4.75 miles
Titterstone Clee Hill - 4.75 miles
The Bury Ditches - 5.25 miles
Burrow Fort and Hopesay Hill - 8 miles
Norton Camp and Stokesay Castle - 5.75 miles
Callow Hill and Flounders Folly - 4.5 miles
Brown Clee Hill and Stanbroughs Wood - 4 miles
Brown Clee Hill and Clee Liberty - 5.5 miles
High Rock, Bridgnorth and the River Severn - 10 miles
Bromlow Callow and Mitchell's Fold - 6 miles
Nipstone Rock - 5.75 miles
Stiperstones - 3.5 miles
Snailbeach and the Castle Ring fort - 6 miles
Norbury Hill from Wentnor - 5.75 miles
Minton Hill and the Packet Stone - 8.75 miles
Adstone Hill - 3.75 miles
Pole Bank and Devil's Mouth - 7.5 miles
The Long Mynd and Ragleth Hill - 9.25 miles
Caer Caradoc - 5 miles
The Long Mynd skyline - 13.25 miles
Plush Hill, the Batch and Castle Hill - 3 miles
Ridges Three: Hope Bowdler Hill, Caer Caradoc and the Lawley - 11 miles
The Lawley - 4 miles
Hope Bowdler Hill from Cardington - 6.25 miles
The Betchcott Hills and Duckley Nap - 8.5 miles
Much Wenlock and the Wenlock Edge - 4.5 miles
Earl's Hill - 3 miles
The Wrekin - 3.75 miles
The Ironbridge Gorge - 6.25 miles
Llanymynech Hill and Llynclys Common - 5.25 miles

ISBN 9781852848071 Pages 183 (2016) 116mm x 170mm

Price: 11.95