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Herefordshire Trail

Herefordshire Trail Walking Guidebook

Herefordshire Trail Walking Guidebook

by: Hereford Group Ramblers
The Herefordshire Trail is a circular route of about 154 miles, all within the county of Herefordshire, visiting all of the market towns and some delightful villages. The Trail starts from the Market House in Ledbury and visits Ross-on-Wye, Kilpeck, Pontrilas, Peterchurch, Whitney-on-Wye, Eardisley, Kington, Lingen, Brampton, Bryan, Leintwardine, Richard's Castle, Leominster, Bromyard, Bishop's Frome and Bosbury, plus all the scenic countryside in between.

The book describes the route in fifteen sections of roughly equal length. Most of the start and finish points of these sections are accessible by public transport and are suitable for parking a car. The book begins with practical information including a detailed table distances, a list of OS Explorer maps covering each section, bus routes and tourist information contact details.

Each section begins with an overview of the area's history and features and what to look out for. This is followed by detailed route finding instructions and the text is illustrated with some colour photographs. For each section there is a fold out detailed colour sketch map with the route clearly shown.

The 15 route sections are as follows:
Ledbury to Marcle Ridge - 7.5 miles
Marcle Ridge to Ross-on-Wye - 11.6 miles
Ross-on-Wye to Little Dewchurch - 10 miles
Little Dewchurch to Bagwyllydiart - 8.95 miles
Bagwyllydiart to Abbey Dore - 9.05 miles
Abbey Dore to Peterchurch - 7.8 miles
Peterchurch to Whitney Bridge - 10.9 miles
Whitney Bridge to Kington - 12.1 miles
Kington to Lingen - 11.9 miles
Lingen to Leintwardine - 8.85 miles
Leintwardine to Richard's Castle - 15.3 miles
Richard's Castle to Leominster - 9.5 miles
Leominster to Edwyn Ralph - 11.65 miles
Edwyn Ralph to Fromes Hill - 10.05 miles
Fromes Hill to Ledbury - 9.25 miles

ISBN 9781906494506 Pages 96 (2010) 148mm x 210mm spiral bound

Price: 7.50