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Hardy Way

The Hardy Way Walking Guidebook

The Hardy Way Walking Guidebook

by: Margaret Marande
The Hardy Way is a unique walk through Thomas Hardy's Wessex with location relevant extracts of his words and poems alongside each section of the route. It is the first long distance path in Great Britain to be linked with the works of a great writer. Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) set most of his novels and many poems in Wessex, once an ancient kingdom of southern England. 2015 marks the 175th anniversary of Hardy's birth. Dorset, where he was born, is the heart of his Wessex and the Hardy Way is a journey through some of the most unspoilt parts of this beautiful county, extending from the renowned Heritage Coast inland to the timeless Cranborne Chase on the Wiltshire border.

The Way begins at Hardy's birthplace and its circuit ends some 220 miles later in the nearby churchyard where his heart lies buried. En route there is a wealth of interest in history, wildlife, landscape and literature. A full route finding description is provided interspersed with excerpts from Hardy's writing. The route is also shown overlaid on OS based maps and there are many contemporary photographs and sketches reproduced in black and white.

The walk can be divided into sections for those who prefer short walks, but for the long distance walker here is a challenge to add to the existing long distance paths, this time with the added dimension of commentary written by one of the masters of English literature. This book will appeal to all walkers and to Hardy's admirers everywhere.

ISBN 9780993162800 Pages 211 (2015) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 9.95