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Geopark Way

Geopark Way

by: Earth Heritage Trust
Winding its way for 109 miles through the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark from Bridgnorth to Gloucester, the Geopark Way passes through delightful countryside as it explores 700 million years of the Earth's history. The trail offers varied walking alongside rivers, through forests, along ridges and across heathlands. Passing through an assortment of habitats there is a diversity of wildlife adding to the occasion, with majestic views to match. Quaint villages and towns dot the route, bringing further elements of exploration and enchantment.

Conveniently split into comfortable day walks, each section of the trail explores the geology and landscape seen along the route. A fine range of rocks and fossils will be seen, together with intriguing traces of the Ice Age. The accompanying Geopark Way visitor guide provides useful information on public transport routes, accommodation, tourist amenities and attractions. It also suggests further geological walks within the Geopark along with other information to add to your Geopark Way experience.
There are 17 sections, each providing an easy day's walk. The book includes an introduction to the area and lots of geological information throughout including many colour photographs, maps and diagrams. The route description text includes sketch maps, but we would recommend OS Explorer maps for a more detailed picture of the countryside and to assist with navigation. Sheets required are OL14, 179, 190, 204, 218.

ISBN 9789558390092 Pages 136 (2010) 124mm x 210mm spiral bound

Price: 9.95