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Fife Coastal Path Footprint Walking Map

Fife Coastal Path Footprint Walking Map

Footprint map
The Fife Coastal Path runs between the imposing Forth Bridge in the south and the Tay Bridge in the north. It is approximately 81 miles (135km) long. Along the route, you will pass through wild and spectacular natural landscapes, home to a wide variety of wildlife. You will also see the history of Fife's coastal communities as well as its agricultural and industrial heritage, past and present.

Whether you want to walk the whole route with all the challenges it presents or simply do a short section, this map will help you on your way. The route is also way-marked to make route finding simple. The path shown on the map is graded, so you will know what to expect: green for easy made-up paths over level terrain; blue for unmade paths and rough terrain; and red for sections which may be tidal and remote and rough. The route is marked in miles from North Queensferry.
The map at a scale of 1:40000 is laid out in seven sections. It can be refolded to show a particular part of the route. Printed on waterproof paper, it stays legible even when wet and can be dried and re-used. It is GPS compatible. A plastic sleeve gives further protection.

ISBN 9781871149999 (2019) 120mm x 210mm (folded)

Price: 10.50