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Fife 40 Coast and Country Walks

Fife 40 Coast and Country Walks

by: Dan Bailey
'Fareweel, Bonny Scotland, I'm awa' tae Fife!' goes the old saying of Fifers, proud of their philosophical as well as geographical independence. It may be a small Kingdom, barely fifty miles at its widest point, but from the grand architecture of St Andrews and Dunfermline to the stone harbours of the East Neuk fishing villages, and from the rolling farmland and gentle hills of the north and west to the rocky bays and sandy beaches of the south and east coast, there is much to be proud of.

This pocket guide features 40 walks which take in hills, lochs, forests, nature reserves, country estates, Victorian parklands and ancient cobbled streets, as well as the best stretches of the unforgettable Fife Coastal Path. Each walk entry begins with distance, time and terrain together with an outline of the walk area followed by route finding instructions and a simple colour sketch map. Colour photographs are also included throughout the book.

The book is divided into four sections:
The South of the kingdom of fife
Hills and Lochs of the West
North Fife and the East Neuk
Fife Coastal Path Highlights

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ISBN 9780955454837 Pages 96 (2016) 105mm x 148mm

Price: 6.45