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Countryside Dog Walks in Greater Manchester

Countryside Dog Walks in Greater Manchester

by: Seddon and Neudorfer
A must have guide for dog walkers to explore the fantastic gems of the Greater Manchester region. Written for all dog owners looking for hassle-free walks to enjoy with their dogs, this guidebook is beautifully designed and packed with stunning photography. The 20 walks are for all levels of fitness. From flat linear walks for old arthritic hounds, to some more strenuous walks for the energetic hard to tire dog.

With clear information, an introduction for each walk, and simple, easy-to-read maps, this book, beautifully illustrated with colour dog photographs, will appeal to all who want to venture out into the countryside with their dogs. The routes ensure hassle-free walks for both dog and owner and are graded and free from styles.

The introduction to each walk will tell you what to expect and what you may need to take with you. The route descriptions warn of roads ahead or areas of livestock so you can get your dog on the lead well in advance. Many of the walks have fantastic views and scenery. Some of the walks are wooded, offering shade on those hot summer days. The walks are all graded as easy, medium, or challenging. Grid references and post codes are given for the start of each walk.

The walk locations are:
Dunham Massey - 3 miles
Wythenshawe Park - 2.2 miles
Chorlton Water Park - 1.25 miles
Sale Water Park - 2.2 miles
Pennington Flash - 3.4 miles
The Three Sisters - 3.4 miles
Haigh Hall Park - 3.1 miles
Rivington Pike - 1.5 miles
Peel Tower - 4.5 miles
Hollingworth Lake - 2.5 miles
Blackstone Edge - 1.4 miles
Crompton Moor - 2 miles
Tandle Hill - 1.6 miles
Heaton Park - 2.5 miles
Clifton Country Park - 1.2 miles
Moses Gate - 2.4 miles
Daisy Nook - 2.2 miles
Hartshead Pike - 1.2 miles
Werneth Low - 1.9 miles
Etherow Park - 1 mile

ISBN 9780993192319 Pages 90 (2015) 135mm x 210mm

Price: 8.99