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Complete Isle of Wight Coastal Footpath

Complete Isle of Wight Coastal Footpath

by: Brian Smailes
To walk the entire coastline of an island such as the Isle of Wight is a reward in itself - to experience the exhilarating views and coastline of this island is something different. The cliffs, sea views, fresh air and the Downs all combine to make this walk special. The coastal footpath described in this book is divided into 5 sections. This gives walkers the choice of completing one section per day, or the entire route in 4-6 days.

The illustrated guide includes detailed route instructions, practical information on preparation and equipment, distance and walking time listings and much else. Campsites, pubs, information centres and attractions on route are all given to help you plan ahead and enjoy the amenities the island has to offer. Whether on holiday or a week-end break, take time out to experience all or part of this walk, enjoying the space of Tennyson Down or admiring the Needles, with breath-taking views over the Solent.

The day walk sections are as follows:
(1) Ryde Pier to Hope Beach, Shanklin - 14.1 miles
(2) Hope Beach, Shanklin to Atherfield - 13.3 miles
(3) Atherfield to Colwell Bay - 14.2 miles
(4) Colwell Bay to Great Thorness - 14.9 miles
(5) Great Thorness to Ryde - 12.5 miles

ISBN 9781903568736 Pages 64 (2015) 120mm x 185mm

Price: 5.25