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Citybreak Walks Guidebook

Citybreak Walks Guidebook

authors: Nicky and Alan Alper
This booklet will appeal to walkers who enjoy visiting England's cities, in particularly walkers with an interest in our greatest cathedrals and exploring the history of a place. The book visits 12 cities and for each one provides a circular walk of between 2.5 and 6 miles exploring the city's highlights and green spaces. The walks all start from the cathedral and follow pilgrim paths and rivers into the countryside.

Each city walk includes detailed navigation instructions in numbered paragraphs. There is also a map outlining the route overlaid onto an Ordnance Survey base map showing the paragraph number locations. There are also notes, many with coloured photographs, describing points of interest along the way.

The twelve cities and walks are as follows:
Bath - 4.4 miles
Canterbury - 4.2 miles
Chichester - 5 miles
Durham - 4.8 miles
Ely - 2.6 miles
Lincoln - 2.5 miles
Norwich - 2.8 miles
Oxford - 5 miles
Salisbury - 6 miles
Wells - 4.8 miles
Winchester - 4.1 miles
York - 4.7 miles

Pages 40 (2022) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 3.50