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Centenary Way through Warwickshire

Centenary Way through Warwickshire

Centenary Way through Warwickshire

by: Stephen Cross
Warwickshire's 100-mile Centenary Way and the linked circular walks are more than just a walk in the countryside, they are a journey through a millennium, embracing the history and heritage of the land, the buildings, and the people.

The Centenary Way starts in the north-east corner of the county, at Kingsbury Water Park alongside the River Thame. Following the county's north, then eastern boundary it follows quiet paths and canals which touch redundant and forgotten industrial heritage. Then, turning south, through the vale of the River Avon, ancient forests, wide countryside, historical villages and the towns and castles of Kenilworth and Warwick embroider the view. The continuing journey, across the agricultural landscape of the Feldon region, climbs the heights of the Burton Dassett and Edge hills, passing through villages largely untouched by time. The final leg caresses the edge of the Cotswolds to finish in the south-west corner at Upper Quinton.

Detailed descriptions of the walks and the accompanying clear sketch maps will give confidence in navigating the route to the novice walker. For clarity, the points of interest and historical digest to each walk is separate from the route-finding details. The guide describes the route in 29 sections, most of which includes a circular option. The book therefore provides the long-distance walker with continuous route instructions as well as many circular walks for those wishing to sample the Way in short sections at different times. The 29 route sections are organised into 10 chapters. Details of joining points for each section are provided as well as pubs on or close to the route.

ISBN 9781910758281 Pages 172 (2017) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.99