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Castle Combe - An Illustrated Walk Through History

Castle Combe - An Illustrated Walk Through History

by: Paul Snowdon
Familiar around the world on post cards, calendars, chocolate boxes and jig-saws, Castle Combe is the archetypical English village. Breathtakingly beautiful and overflowing with character. If you are planning to visit this picturesque village gem, then this little book will provide you with a succinct historical commentary as it guides you through the village pointing out all the important features. It is delightfully illustrated with pen and ink drawings and several full colour photographs.

Fascinating facts about the village include the photogenic Old Pack Bridge, the market place and the 15th century market, the Romans and the Castle on the Hill, the arrival of the Normans, the weaver's cottages and the building of the beautiful Manor. The book also includes a 1.5-mile woodland walk around Castle Combe with route map and navigation instructions. This modest little guide will certainly add to the pleasure of your visit.

ISBN 9781874192763 Pages 25 (2013) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 3.20