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Bristol and Bath - A Dog Walker's Guide

Bristol and Bath - A Dog Walker's Guide

by: Nigel Vile
On a fine day there is nothing quite so enjoyable for dog owners than getting out into the countryside with their pet for a leisurely walk. Once you get off your home patch, though, it is hard to know where you can walk safely with your dog and which pubs and cafes will welcome you both.

Here is a collection of 20 walks, varying in length between 2 and 7 miles, in the beautiful countryside surrounding Bristol and Bath. The walks have been designed with maximum off-lead time and minimum exposure to roads. There are woodland walks at Bourton Combe and Lower Woods, stretches of coastal path at Clevedon and Littleton-upon-Severn, riverside paths at Chew Magna and Snuff Mills, and wide open spaces at Hawkesbury, Upton and Blackdown on the Mendip Hills.

All the walks include details of dog factors such as livestock and stiles, recommended dog friendly pubs and cafes and contact details for the nearest vets. Other practical information includes distance, terrain, where to park, how to get there and nearest refreshments. The route finding instructions are in clear numbered paragraphs supported by a coloured sketch map with corresponding location numbers.

The twenty walk locations are:
Littleton-upon-Severn - 4.5 miles
Severn Beach - 2 or 4 miles
Lower Woods - 2.5 miles
Hawkesbury Upton and The Edge - 4 miles
Castle Combe and the By Brook Valley - 4 miles
Marshfield - 4 miles
Lansdown and North Stoke - 5 miles
Hanham Mills and the River Avon - 4.5 miles
Snuff Mills and the River Frome - 2.5 miles
Blaise Castle Estate - 3 miles
Leigh Woods and the Avon Gorge - 3.5 miles
Ashton Court - 2.5 miles
Clevedon and the Bristol Channel - 2.5 miles
Bourton Combe - 2.5 miles
Mendip Highpoints - 7 or 4 miles
Charterhouse and Velvet Bottom - 4.5 miles
Hinton Blewett and Chewton Wood - 5 miles
Chew Magna and Chew Valley Lake - 3.5 miles
Bradford-on-Avon and Avoncliff - 3 miles
Monkton Combe and Midford - 3 miles

ISBN 9781846742934 Pages 96 (2012 reprinted 2016) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 7.95