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Bournemouth Coast Path

Exploring the Bournemouth Coast Path

Exploring the Bournemouth Coast Path

by: Leigh Hatts
The 37 mile long Bournemouth Coast Path links two long distance walks - the Dorset Coast Path which begins at Lyme Regis and the Solent Way which ends at Emsworth on the Hampshire/Surrey border. Together the three paths span 179 miles of coast and are part of the E9 European Coastal Path which eventually will stretch from Portugal to Estonia!
The Bournemouth coast Path offers the walker the chance to explore the famous chines and witness some spectacular scenery including breathtaking views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. The path has been divided into seven sections and each varies in length from 1.5 to 8 miles. Accompanying each section are photographs and drawings of some of the places of interest along the way, together with details of public transport at each connecting point, where to find a welcome café, pub or teashop and also notes on the history of the places along the route.
ISBN 9781853069086 Pages 96 (2005) 148mm x 210mm

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