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Borth to Strata Florida

Borth to Strata Florida Trail Walking Guidebook

Borth to Strata Florida Trail Walking Guidebook

by: Des Marshall
Although a relatively short long distance walk, this route is packed with lots of interest. Many parts of the walk visit wild, remote but tranquil areas. The only company you will have is likely to be the farm animals grazing the hillsides or soaring birds, such as red kites and buzzards. The length is just under 42 miles, making it suitable for a four-day excursion.

The scenery is very varied from coastal, river, woodland, upland moors to farmland. There is an alternative section described in the guide through the Hafod Estate which is much more interesting than the original route but which adds about 2 miles. To return from Strata Florida there is a bus from Pontrhydfendigaid, near Strata Florida which takes you to Aberystwyth. From here it is then possible to walk the 6 miles along the coastal path to return to Borth. This then makes the walk a total of 51.5 miles.

The book describes the route in five sections. The route finding instructions are given in numbered paragraphs with the numbers being shown on accompanying sketch maps to aid navigation. Background notes about places and events of interest are interspersed in the text but shown in italics to differentiate them. An appendix section describes the coastal route back from Aberystwyth to Borth. There is also information about public transport contacts for bus timetables.

The route sections are:
Borth to Talybont - 4 miles
Talybont to Nant yr Arian - 9 miles or 11 miles
Nant yr Arian to Devil's Bridge - 6 miles or 7.75 miles
Devil's Bridge to Pontrhydygroes - 12.25 miles
Pontrhydygroes to Strata Florida - 9.5 miles
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ISBN 9781908748331 Pages 48 (2016) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 5.95