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Baffies Easy Munro Guide - The Cairngorms

Baffies Easy Munro Guide - The Cairngorms

by: Ralph Storer
This Munro guide to the Cairngorms is volume 3 of Ralph Storer's inspirational series of guidebooks dedicated to finding the easiest way up Scotland's highest mountains. The book covers the Cairngorms National Park with hand-picked routes that will guide you to the summits of 25 rewarding Munros in all corners of the Cairngorms Range.

Each route is described in detail and accompanied by an annotated OS map, full colour photographs with the route marked on them and sidebars on particular points of interest.
Named after his footwear of choice (Baffies is a Scottish term for slippers), Baffies is the alter ego of experienced and respected guidebook writer Ralph Storer. He is allergic to exertion, is prone to lassitude, suffers from altitude sickness above 600m, blisters easily and bleeds readily. In short, he is the ideal companion for those new to Munro bagging, whatever their age or temperament. If he can make it to the summit, so can any couch potato.

ISBN 9781910745052 Pages 107 (2015) 120mm x 170mm

Price: 7.99