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Arnside and Silverdale AONB Walking Country

Arnside and Silverdale AONB Walking Country

by: Paul Hannon
Cumbria meets Lancashire on the edge of Morecambe Bay, where the villages of Arnside and Silverdale are the heart of one of England's smallest Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This little guide includes 12 delectable walks, concisely described and illustrated, which lead to every corner of this beautifully wooded countryside.

Explore coastal paths by salt marshes and low cliffs, and the fascinating limestone pavements and crags of Hutton Roof. Discover delightful old villages, historic Pele towers, the unparalleled viewpoint of Arnside Knott, and Leighton Moss and the Lancaster Canal.

The walk locations are:
Dallam Park and Beetham - 5.75 miles
The Fairy Steps - 3.75 miles
Hawes Water - 6.5 miles
Arnside Knott - 5.25 miles
Arnside to Silverdale (station to station) - 4.25 miles
Jenny Brown's Point - 5.25 miles
Trowbarrow - 5.5 miles
Leighton Hall and Moss - 6 miles
Around Tewitfield - 7.25 miles
Clawthorpe Fell - 4.75 miles
Farleton Fell - 6 miles
Hutton Roof Crags - 5.5 miles

ISBN 9781870141840 Pages 56 (2010) 115mm x 175mm

Price: 3.99