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Annandale Way

Annandale Way Walking Guidebook

Annandale Way Walking Guidebook

authors: Roger Turnbull and Jacquetta Megarry
The Annandale Way is one of Scotland's Great Trails, a charming long walk in a little-known, but very accessible, part of southern Scotland. It starts in the sheep town of Moffat and runs for 56 miles (90 km) via Lochmaben, with superb views from the top of Almagill Hill. A slightly shorter branch of the route goes via Lockerbie and Eskrigg Nature Reserve. The two branches re-join north of Annan to reach the Solway Firth at Newbiebarns.

This guidebook contains everything you need to plan and enjoy walking the Annandale Way. There are detailed route descriptions with information on distance, terrain, and food and drink option for each stage. The route description is supported with seven pages of detailed route mapping at a scale of 1:44,000.

Other features of the guidebook include:
Background on Annandale's history and wildlife, with superb images.
Planning information for transport and accommodation.
Lavishly illustrated with over 100 colour photographs.
Rucksack friendly format, printed on rainproof paper.
There is a forward by broadcaster Stephen Jardine.

The book provides itineraries for 4-day and 5-day walks and for the Lochmaben and Lockerbie route options. The first day is a circular walk heading north from Moffat, around the 'Devil's Beef Tub' and returning to Moffat. The remaining days you are heading south to the Solway Firth. The four-day Lochmaben option is given below:

Moffat to Moffat (Devil's Beef Tub Loop) - 13.9 miles
Moffat to Lochmaben - 18.5 miles
Lochmaben to Hoddom Bridge - 14 miles
Hoddom Bridge to the Solway Firth - 9.3 miles
(The five-day itinerary splits the Moffat to Lochmaben leg)

ISBN 9781898481751 Pages 68 (2017) 138mm x 220mm

Price: 12.50