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The Tamar Valley - 10 Leisure Walks

The Tamar Valley - 10 Leisure Walks

by: Terry Faull
As rivers go the Tamar is a rather modest waterway. From its source on the moors close to the north Cornish coast, it runs less than 50 miles before emptying into the sea at Plymouth Sound. However, its lack of length is more than compensated by the scenery and the richness of the human and natural history to be found along its banks.

The ten walks in this book invite you to explore the Tamar Valley along the tidal reaches in the south and also excursions in the higher parts of the valley to see ancient churches and farms and places rich in wildflowers and birdsong.

All of the walks in this guide are circular and begin at a car park or safe parking location with the grid reference provided. Public transport options are given where available. The walks, between 2.5 and 5 miles long, are graded from easy to challenging. Distance and a short description of the terrain are also provided. Clear route directions are provided together with simple sketch maps. One of the features that make the 'Boot Up' series of guides so attractive is the emphasis on good landscape photography and the book is well illustrated throughout with colour photographs. The handy size also means it will slip easily into your pocket, protected by the tough cover.

The walk locations are:
Landulph to Cargreen - 2.5 miles
Bere Ferrers and Weir Quay - 4.5 miles
Bere Alston and the River - 3.5 miles
Morwell - 4 miles
Bradstone and Greystone Bridge - 2.5 miles
Werrington - 3 miles
Boyton - 2.5 miles
Tetcott and Luffincott - 4 miles
Tamar Lakes and the Bude Canal - 5 miles
Source of the Tamar - 1 mile

ISBN 9781906887643 Pages 64 (2010) 155mm x 115mm hardback

Price: 4.99