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The Hampshire Hangers - 10 Leisure Walks

The Hampshire Hangers - 10 Leisure Walks

by: Mike Cope
The Hampshire Hangers are a belt of ancient woodland that clings to the steep slopes of the Chalk and Upper Greensand scarps that stretch from Langrish to Binsted. The term 'hanger' is derived from an old English word 'hangra', meaning a wooded slope.

The area around the Hampshire Hangers has inspired many writers and artists. Selborne is associated with the eighteenth century curate Gilbert White, author of the 'Natural History of Selborne', and one of the founding fathers of natural history recording. Steep was where Edward Thomas found the inspiration and material for the majority of his poetry. Jane Austen spent the last eight years of her life at Chawton, writing and revising her great romantic comedies.

The village of Selborne lies at the heart of the Hampshire Hangers. Of the ten selected walks in this book, six of the routes are along the Chalk Hangers to the south of the village, and the remaining four are largely confined to the Upper Greensand Hangers to the north and east. They range from 4.5 to 9 miles and suit the needs of families, groups of friends or individuals looking for a gentle stroll or a longer walk, and reflect the many varied facets of the area - its people, its history, and its landscape and will help first time visitors to experience some of the great scenery the area has to offer.

Many of the walks feature a pub along the route. Clear route directions are provided together with sketch maps and the guide is well illustrated throughout with colour photographs. The handy size also means it will slip easily into your pocket. The book is an ideal companion and reminder of a visit to the Hampshire Hangers.

The walk locations are:
Steep and Ashford Hanger - 5.5 miles
The Warren and Happersnapper Hanger - 5.75 miles
Oakshott Hanger and Hawkley - 5.5 miles
Hawkley Hanger and Priors Dean - 4.5 miles
Greatham and Empshott - 7 miles
Noar Hill and Selborne Common - 6 miles
Selborne Hanger and the Long Lythe - 4.5 miles
Chawton and West Worldham - 9.5 miles
Oakhanger and East Worldham - 7 miles
Binsted, Wyck and Wheatley - 4.75 miles

ISBN 9780857100184 Pages 64 (2016) 110mm x 155mm

Price: 4.99