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Berkshire Downs - 10 Leisure Walks

Berkshire Downs - 10 Leisure Walks

by: Robert Wood
The Berkshire Downs are a line of downland hills, part of the North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They lie east-west, with their scarp slope facing north into the Vale of the White Horse and their dip slope bounded by the course of the River Kennet. These walks cover more or less the length of the Berkshire Downs, from Ashdown House in the west to the National Trust properties of Lardon Chase, Lough Down and the Holies, in the east.

All of the walks in this guide are circular and begin at a car park or safe parking location with the grid reference provided. Public transport options are given where available. The walks, between 3.5 and 8.5 miles long, are graded from easy to challenging. Distance and a short description of the terrain are also provided. Clear route directions are provided together with simple sketch maps.

One of the features that make the 'Boot Up' series of guides so attractive is the emphasis on good landscape photography and the book is well illustrated throughout with colour photographs. The handy size also means it will slip easily into your pocket, protected by the tough cover.

The walk locations are:
Ashdown House - 5 miles
Lambourne Woodlands - 4.25 miles
East Garston, Sheepdrove Country - 7.5 miles
Hackpen Hill and Letcombe Bassett - 5 miles
Farnborough - 6 miles
The Fawleys - 8.5 miles
East Ilsley - 5 miles
Blewbury - 3.5 miles
Streatley - 6 miles
Moulsford - 7.75 miles

ISBN 9781906887711 Pages 64 (2010) 155mm x 115mm hardback

Price: 4.99