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Bath - 10 Leisure Walks

Bath - 10 Leisure Walks

by: Rodney Legg
Roman Bath, like Rome itself, is surrounded by its Seven Hills. These are the obvious target for walks up and out of the city. Inevitably, however, they are somewhat demanding, so walks that are short but strenuous have been mixed with those that are easy but longer. The latter, with circuits up to nine miles, stretch out along the River Avon and its partner in the landscape, the Kennet and Avon Canal. The towpath heads towards creations of industrial archaeology of national renown, such as the Dundas Aqueduct, where canal long-boats cross three other transport systems - rail, river and road.

Scenic and exhilarating country walking is literally within sight and step as you reach out from the city. On one side the landscape becomes the Cotswold Hills, encapsulated at its most civilised in Dyrham Park, whereas on the other side the deep-cut valleys hide some of the most desirable homes in the land, around villages like Combe Hay.

The ten selected walks, ranging from 3 to 8 miles, suit the needs of families, groups of friends or individuals looking for a gentle stroll or a longer walk, and reflect the many varied facets of the area. Places are selected with problem-free parking and public houses and tea-rooms en route if possible. Instructions are as basic and clear as possible, but you will also have things to see pointed out to you. The emphasis throughout the ten walks is to notice what is odd and quirky - so you do not miss what makes the effort and exercise truly worthwhile.

The walk locations are:
Roman City and Georgian Bath - 2 miles
Bath Skyline and Prior Park - 6 miles
Batheaston and Swainswick - 5 miles
West Littleton and Dyrham - 6 miles
Bathampton and Batheaston - 5 miles
Dundas Aqueduct and Claverton - 4 miles
Freshford and Monkton Combe - 6 miles
Southstoke and Midford - 6 miles
Newton St Loe and Stanton Prior - 6 miles
Kelston Park and Saltford Lock - 7 miles

ISBN 9781906887841 Pages 64 (2010) 110mm x 155mm hardback

Price: 4.99