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50 Wildlife Walks Guidebook

50 Wildlife Walks Guidebook

by: various contributors
Encounters with wildlife, whether it be the fleeting glimpse of the disappearing brush of a red squirrel, the melancholy mewing of a bird of prey or the sight of a majestic red deer cantering across a clearing, add enormously to the pleasure of a walk through the British countryside. The 50 easy-to-follow walks in this book will take you to some of the best, and sometimes most unlikely, places in Britain where, if you are quiet and patient enough, you will see some of the country's best wildlife.

Each walk begins with a fact panel giving distance, minimum time, ascent, gradient, level of difficulty, conditions under foot, landscape features, starting grid references, parking and information on the best places to eat and drink. This is followed by background information describing interesting features to look out for on the walk. Route finding instructions are provided as numbered paragraphs with corresponding numbers shown on a detailed sketch map, making it easy to see your position. Guidance for dog owners on where to walk and dog-friendly establishments is provided where available. There is an index and walk location map to easily find a walk near a particular area.

ISBN 9780749555535 Pages 160 (2007) 118mm x 220mm

Price: 7.99