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The 1066 Country Walk

The 1066 Country Walk

by: Nick Brown
The 1066 Country Walk traces the footsteps of William the Conqueror from his landing at Pevensey, via Battle where his victory over King Harold changed the course of English history, to finish at Rye. It makes a superb weekend walking break, with a suggested overnight stop at the halfway point at Battle.

For the first time the Walk is broken down into 6 separate stages, showing how this unique area represents a true microcosm of history down the ages. It has been occupied by the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans; survived the Black Death in 1348, the Great Plague in 1665, and the threat of Napoleonic invasion in the early 19th century; and finally witnessed the Battle of Britain played out in the skies overhead during 1940.

As well as the 6 stage walks, the author uses his considerable local knowledge to offer a further 6 circular walks - all taking in part of the 1066 route - thus allowing walkers to explore even more of this delightful countryside! Highlights include Pevensey Castle; the Pevensey Levels; Herstmonceux Castle; Tent Hill; Battle Abbey; the Brede Valley; Winchelsea and Rye.

The book begins with an informative introduction to the route including some history, and practical information for planning purposes. There are detailed route finding instructions with sketch maps and information about refreshments and accommodation. Grid references and post codes are given for starting points.

The 1066 Country Walk
Stage 1. Pevensey Castle to Boreham Street - 7.42 miles
Stage 2. Boreham Street to Ashburnham - 2.68 miles
Stage 3. Ashburnham to Battle Abbey - 6.60 miles
Stage 4. Battle Abbey to Westfield - 4.90 miles
Stage 5. Westfield to Icklesham - 4.90 miles
Stage 6. Icklesham to Rye - 5.62 miles

Circular Walks on the 1066 route
Herstmonceux 5.80 miles
Battle Abbey 5.70 miles
Westfield 4.90 miles
Broad Street, Icklesham 4.50 miles
Icklesham 5.00 miles
Rye 4.25 miles

ISBN 9781905444458 Pages 90 (2011) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 10.99