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Swaledale Walking Country

Swaledale Walking Country

by: Paul Hannon
Swaledale is known by walkers as the connoisseur's valley, the most colourful and scenically varied in the entire Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Explore sweeping heather moors, deep cut side valleys, and the flower-rich meadows lining the irrepressible Swale. Discover unspoilt villages at Keld, Muker, Gunnerside and Reeth, lonely Tan Hill and Arkengarthdale, and the historic gateway town of Richmond. There are also absorbing lead mining remains to investigate.

This guide contains 25 walks, concisely described and illustrated with numerous pen and ink drawings, leading you to every corner of this famous district of the National Park. The guide includes an introductory chapter describing the region and covering walking practicalities. Each walk has clear route instructions, a sketch map and considerable background information providing added interest and enjoyment to the journey.

The walk locations are:
Whitcliffe Scar - 5.75 miles
Grinton Smelt Mill - 6.25 miles
Lower Swaledale - 6.25 miles
Marske Valley - 6 miles
Marrick Priory - 6 miles
Fremington Edge - 6.75 miles
Maiden Castle - 5.25 miles
Calver Hill - 6 miles
Slei Gill and Booze Moor - 5 miles
Arkengarthdale - 5 miles
Old Gang Smelt Mill - 5.75 miles
Around Low Row - 5.5 miles
Whitaside Moor - 5.75 miles
Around Gunnerside - 5.75 miles
Swale's Banks - 4.75 miles
Gunnerside Gill - 6 miles
Arn Gill and Swinner Gill - 6.5 miles
Ivelet Side - 6 miles
Muker Side - 5.25 miles
Around Kisdon - 5.5 miles
Keld Waterfalls - 4.75 miles
Swale Gorge - 6 miles
West Stonesdale - 7.25 miles
Birkdale and Whitsundale - 5.25 miles
Tan Hill - 6 miles

ISBN 9781907626005 Pages 96 (2010) 115mm x 175mm

Price: 6.99