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Hadrian's Wall Path - Richards

Hadrian's Wall Path - Richards

by: Mark Richards
Hadrian's Wall is the world's finest surviving Roman frontier, running 84 miles from Wallsend, near Newcastle, to Bowness-on-Solway, near Carlisle. With the opening of the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail in 2003, it is now possible to walk the entire length of the Wall on a designated footpath. The Trail passes many fascinating Roman sites and the guide is packed with information and historic detail that bring the whole frontier to life.

The entire route is described in both westbound and eastbound directions. It is clearly illustrated with the author's colourful maps and numerous photographs. The introductory section describes the history of the Wall and throughout the book side panels provide further information places of interest along the route. The text breaks the journey down into 32 sections, each with its own highly detailed map and description. All of the practical information and advice you will need to plan your journey is included, plus a useful pictorial guide to the route of the Hadrian's Wall bus service, giving stop off points.

ISBN 9781852843922 Pages 253 (2004) 115mm x 168mm Plastic Cover

Price: 6.50