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Drive and Stroll in Somerset

Drive and Stroll in Somerset

by: Roger Evans
On a fine day there is nothing quite like a drive to the country, followed by a leisurely walk and a hearty meal in a good local pub or cafe. With its wooded valleys, coastal views and ancient history, Somerset provides the perfect landscape.

In this volume of 20 circular routes there are walks to Culbone which boasts the smallest parish church in England; across a fine 55ft clapper bridge with 17 spans of flat stones at Tarr Steps; past the point where a wooden chest of French coins was discovered near Pitminster; by the memorial to the Battle of Sedgemoor, fought by the Duke of Monmouth; and through Ham Hill Country Park, where once the light-yellow stone used for building was quarried.

Other routes offer the walker the chance to climb to the summit of Brent Knoll for a panoramic view of the Bristol Channel and South Wales; to walk through woods cared for by the Somerset Wildlife Trust at Nettlebridge; and to discover Goblin Combe, every bit as magical as its name suggests.

The walks vary in length from 2 to 5.5 miles and are all based on local pubs serving good food. Picnic spots en route are also identified. There are details on how to get to the start, where to park and how much time to allow for the stroll. Numbered sketch maps correspond with numbered paragraphs in the text, so that walkers can see at a glance where they are.

The walk locations are:
Culbone and Robber's Bridge - 4 miles
Porlock Weir and Porlock - 4 miles
Tarr Steps - 2.5 miles
Luxborough - 3 miles
Holford - 2 miles
West Bagborough - 3.5 miles
Corfe - 4 miles
Hatch Beauchamp - 3 miles
Westonzoyland and the Battlefield - 5.5 miles
Curry Rivel - 4 miles
Ilminster and Donyatt - 3.5 miles
Ham Hill and Montacute - 3 miles
Brent Knoll - 3 miles
Wedmore - 4 miles
Priddy Mineries - 4 miles
North Wootton - 3 miles
Babcary - 2 miles
Nettlebridge - 2 miles
Nunney - 3 miles
Cleeve and Goblin Combe - 5 miles

ISBN 9781853069611 Pages 93 (2006) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 7.99