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The Northumberland National Park - 10 Leisure Walks

The Northumberland National Park - 10 Leisure Walks

by: Anthony Toole
The Northumberland National Park begins near the Scottish Border and snakes southward to the earlier border marked by Hadrian's Wall. It passes through several geological zones, each with its own landforms, vegetation and scenery. There are the volcanic rocks of the Cheviot Hills in the north, the fell sandstones of the heather-clad central hills, the limestone of the carboniferous era and the dolerite of the Great Whin Sill, the crags of which line the southern boundary.

Rocks are carved with secret graffiti of the Stone Age, the Bronze and Iron Ages left burial mounds and hill forts, Roman roads and forts extend far to the north of Hadrian's Wall and castles recall five centuries of border conflict that followed the Norman Conquest.

Yet the legacy of this remarkable history is one of the most stunningly beautiful regions of Britain. Most of the walks, of between 2 and 8 miles, are suitable for families and groups of friends, and follow public rights-of-way, across high, wild and lonely moorland, where the sky is wide and the loudest sounds are the hiss of wind, the babble of water and the distant calls of skylark, lapwing and curlew.

All of the walks in this guide are circular and begin at a car park or safe parking location with the grid reference provided. Public transport options are given where available. The walks are graded between one and three boot symbols with three boots the hardest. Distance and a short description of the terrain are also provided. Clear route directions are provided together with simple sketch maps.

One of the features that make the 'Boot Up' series of guides so attractive is the emphasis on good landscape photography and the book is well illustrated throughout with colour photographs. The handy size also means it will slip easily into your pocket, protected by the tough cover.

The ten walks are:
Great Hetha - 3.5 miles
The Cheviot - 8.5 miles
Dunmoor Hill and Linhope Spout - 6.5 miles
Chew Green and Brownhart Law - 2 miles
Copper Snout and Usway Burn - 5.5 miles
Harbottle and the Drakestone - 2.5 miles
Darden Lough - 5.5 miles
Troughend Common - 3.5 miles
Bellcrag Flow - 5 miles
Broomlee Lough and the Hidden Loughs - 7.5 miles

ISBN 9780857100344 Pages 64 (2011) 110mm x 155mm hardback

Price: 4.99