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30 Walks in Somerset

30 Walks in Somerset

by: AA Publishing
This boxed pack contains 30 laminated cards, each featuring a map on one side and clear easy-to-follow route descriptions on the other. The instructions are divided into numbered paragraphs which correspond to numbers on the map, making it easy to check where you are. The walks are between 2 and 10 miles in length. Being able to carry just a single lightweight card is very convenient when out walking a trail.

There is a walk summary panel on each card giving distance, time, ascent, level of difficulty, type of paths, landscape, dog friendliness, parking and public toilets. The routes are distributed throughout the county and will allow you to explore and appreciate the best of the Somerset countryside. The pack includes a plastic sleeve to protect the card being used.

ISBN 9780749564902 set of 30 cards 100mm x 150mm boxed (2010)

Price: 6.99