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11 Short Walks in North East Wiltshire

11 Short Walks in North East Wiltshire

compiled by: North East Wiltshire Group - Ramblers' Association
The Swindon and North East Wiltshire Group of the Ramblers' Association is made up of 61 parishes from Inglesham to Tidworth and Tockenham to Chilton Foliat. The walks in this booklet are all within this area. All the walks are around five miles in length so that only a morning or afternoon is needed to complete them. The walks are well described and sketch maps are included.

The walks have been chosen to show the variety of countryside in the area. Because of this, they vary as to the effort needed, but they can all be walked without having to carry more than a drink. The walk locations are: Avebury and the Sanctuary; Berwick Bassett Common and Windmill Hill; Love's Copse and Love's Lane; Poulton Downs and the Railway Path; Wexcombe and Grafton Downs; Castle Hill and Stanton Fitzwarren; Hare, Aughton and Inham Downs; Hippenscombe Bottom; The Kennet Valley; The Ridgeway and Hinton Downs; Rivers Key, Ray and Thames.

Pages 30 (2006) 148mm x 210mm

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