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1066 Country Walk

1066 Country Walk

by: Brian Smails
In September 1066, William, Duke of Normandy brought his army to Pevensey in East Sussex and went on to defeat King Harold in the town of Battle in what many people know as the battle of Hastings.
Now you can walk in the steps of William the Conqueror on this 1066 Country Walk as it meanders through stunning countryside between Pevensey and Rye via the town of Battle. There are established links to the main route from Bexhill on Sea and Hastings, to give the walker a choice of routes. This generally low level walk takes you through ancient towns and villages, over hillsides and through woodland, passing oast houses and windmills on the 31 mile route. Links with the Saxon Shore Way to the east and the South downs Way to the west provide a perfect opportunity to venture even further by linking into these other routes.

The author Brian Smailes says 'Come with me on a walk back in time as you step into what could be the actual footsteps of William The Conqueror on a journey of imagination and discovery of the beautiful East Sussex countryside'.
The illustrated guide describes the route, giving instructions together with appendices providing practical information, but sketch maps are not provided.

ISBN 9781903568002 Pages 57 (2000) 125mm x 185mm

Price: 4.95